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“>Agave Care: The Sustainable Solution
For Your Business

Partnering with us means joining a movement that champions global sustainability and supports minority-led innovation.

“>A Revolution To Save Nature Using Biodegradable Products”>

At Agave Care, our goal is to equip foodservice providers, restaurants, and distributors with sustainable, plant-based alternatives, such as our AGAVE biodegradable straws and cutlery. We are committed to ensuring quality in every product, providing you with an opportunity to make a conscious choice that aligns with your values.

Join us in reshaping the industry, one eco-friendly decision at a time. Feel the impact of your choices and embark on a journey towards a greener, more sustainable future. Embrace the Agave Care revolution a step forward in redefining responsible dining and distribution.

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“>Nature The Earth With Agave Care”>

Through our cutting-edge proprietary technology, we transform agricultural residues into versatile plant-based resins that can be employed in the production of a wide array of plastic products. Our innovative, cost-effective, and waste-reducing solution marks a momentous step towards a sustainable and environmentally responsible future, where plastic is no longer a problem, but a part of the solution.

“>Nature The Way You Eat”>

Equip your business with our durable, eco-friendly dining essentials in bulk. By choosing our agave-based straws, spoons, and forks, you’re not only stocking up on quality products but also contributing to a healthier planet.


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Agave Cares Agave Based Products

“>Agave Care’s products For A Greener Tomorrow”>

Buy our wholesale catalog and offer your customers the best in sustainable dining solutions with our eco-conscious straws, spoons, and fork

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“>”>Latino-Owned Agave Company


“>”>Upcycled Agave Products

Upcycled agave products, made from leftover agave plant fibers, offer sustainable, durable alternatives for eco-friendly cutlery, straws, and packaging, reducing waste and using renewable resources.


“>For Your Business”>

Discover eco-friendly agave fiber products, like straws, that outperform traditional alternatives at Agave Care. Sustainable and functional, for home or wholesale use.


“>Be Part Of The Change”>

300M tons of plastic waste are produced yearly, growing at 9% annually. Americans consume 70k microplastics yearly. Agave Care Shop offers eco-friendly solutions with biodegradable products made from agave fiber. Make the change with us.


“>Our Process For A Greener Tomorrow”>


Agricultural Sourcing

We Start by selecting and harvesting agricultural materials. We ensure sustainable and eco-friendly farming practices are employed in the sourcing process.



We doextrusion, molding, and various other manufacturing methods to create items like biodegradable straws, utensils, or packaging.



After manufacturing, we perform quality checks and finish the products as needed. This step includes inspections, testing for durability and biodegradability

“>Frequently Asked Questions”>

Who is Agave Care and what do they offer?

Agave Care, a leading sustainable agave brand, excels in providing eco-friendly alternatives to conventional single-use items by utilizing upcycled agave fibers. Our diverse product lineup, including reusable straws and expansive cutlery sets with forks, spoons, knives, and more, is designed to significantly reduce plastic waste and encourage sustainable living practices.

Are Agave Care products biodegradable and environmentally friendly?

Yes, Agave Care products are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. As a sustainable agave company, we ensure our products, including straws and cutlery sets made from upcycled agave fibers, are designed to be compostable in both industrial and home environments. This approach significantly reduces plastic waste and promotes eco-friendly practices by offering alternatives that decompose naturally, aligning with our commitment to sustainability and environmental preservation.

How do I care for my Agave Care products?

To ensure the longevity of your agave-based products, we recommend hand washing them with mild soap and water after use. Avoid exposing them to extreme temperatures or abrasive cleaning materials, as this may affect their quality and lifespan.

Are Agave Care products safe to use with food and beverages?

Absolutely! Our agave-based products are food-safe and free from harmful chemicals commonly found in some plastic products. You can confidently use them with both hot and cold beverages and food items.

Can I reuse Agave Care products, and if so, how many times?

Yes, all our products are designed for multiple uses. With proper care, they can be reused many times. The number of uses may vary depending on the product type and how well they are maintained.

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